Blogger's Block?

Is there such a thing? As the days passed I kept thinking of thing to blog about, but never seemed to get around to writing. Mostly because the last three weeks have been extremely hectic. This is one of the many things I've been dealing with:

Hyper baby!

Also dealing with: still no kitchen, although big progress (cabinets installed); finals week at school (and the high maintenance students that go with it); anxiety over upcoming grading avalanche; and guilt over not being at my sewing machine!

I remedied the last of this list over the weekend. I spent lots of time with sweet baby Jaxon AND found time to sew a bit.

I have been reading on many of the blogs I frequent about using a walking foot. All I've heard is praise. I kept thinking I should try one. When I sat down to put together my Christmas wish list I thought I should add a walking foot for my machine. I stumbled onto this web site: http://www.singerco.com/support/presser_help.html. Imagine my surprise after watching the video about the even feed foot (AKA walking foot) that I already have one!! I wondered what those extra feet that came with my machine were! It only took me four years to find out. Check it out:

Apparently I have an automatic button hole foot, a blind hem foot, and a walking foot with guide bar

So I put my walking foot to use. I've finished two blankets for a custom order and two more for Pattyfair.

I'm thinking about calling these "Baby's Best Friend Blankets"

And a custom order for a bag:

The Bad Ass Satchel

While working on the satchel I thought to myself "I'm getting much better at multitasking, I haven't made one mistake." I did all the finish on the bag and realized the strap is twisted. That's what I get for watching "Project Runway" while working on a project.

I promise to be more blog prolific as soon as my finals are graded. I know this is true because here is a bluebird that was hanging out on our deck last week (in the snow); and because the bluebird is a symbol of happiness and hearth and home it must be true!


FerJeniB said...

B- Right on with the time thing AND the lists. I am amazed everday with the changes in my life from our sullen wee one. E-mailing Christmas list this week. Can't wait to see you and C and Baby J! Also, I love the bad-ass satchel AND BBF Blankets. By the by, I would LOVE a chocolate (dark dark brown) corduroy Mom bag with tropical accents (orange/hot pink/bright green/BLue Blue)and a matching regular size purse (11" x 6" with a strap. I 'll send photos))Hint Hint Hint.Love Jen-Jen

Mom said...

My Aunt made all 3 of my kids these "Taggie" blankets. They have loved them!

There is a company out there that makes them and I think calls them Taggies.

Anonymous said...

There most certainly is such a thing as blogger' block! Fancy owning a walking foor all that time. Glad that you are putting it to such good use.

Bonny said...

I'm hoping I have a walking foot and don't know it! Now I'm inspiried to actually check!

Crafty Things said...

I like the photo of the bluebird. The dusty blue and sandy brown colours are a colour combination that I like and have used when crafting.

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