A surprise and some progress

I saw the mailman go by early today, but because Jaxon and I were still in our pajamas (at 11:00!) I decided to let Charlie grab the mail when he got home. Here's proof:

Jaxon and I in our flannels. Who has time to change??

So when Charlie got home I was playing with Jaxon, and then he took Jaxon outside to play a bit so I could sew. And about THREE HOURS later I said "Did we get any interesting mail?"

Charlie's response: "Yeah, you got a package from Australia."

WHAT?!?! Any package that comes to the house is a near celebration, but one from Australia??

I totally ripped open the package and found this:

Look at this amazing quilt! This beauty was made for me by Louise at lululollylegs. When she heard that I never received a quilt in the Four Seasons Quilt Swap she whipped this up for me! For me!! I feel so special!

And can you tell from the picture how perfect it looks in my dining room? It looks fantastic with the walls and my favorite chair. I cannot thank Louise enough! And I think Margaret, the organizer of the swap, probably had something to do with this, so thank you for thinking of me!

And just so you can completely understand my crafting insanity...look at my Australian ric rac:

This is what Louise tied the quilt in. Could it be any more adorable? (Can you see the mutilated envelope in the background?? That's the one I ripped through!)

OK, enough gloating about my lovely new quilt. Pattyfair is quickly approaching (this Saturday!), and I have A LOT of sewing to do, to the detriment of two work projects.

Here is my progress:

And here is what I had hoped to complete:
12 Diaper and Wipes wristlets
12 complete with the exception of the handle -- just need to be sewn on!
5 Baby Gift Sets (Baby's Best Friend Blanket, Diaper and Wipes wristlet, 2 burp cloths)
4 blankets complete, the 5th just needs to be backed; 5 wristlets complete except handles; burp cloths cut and need to be sewn
3 Christmas blankets (in the style of Jaxon's Halloween blanket)
1 cut and piecing begun, 3 to go (!!)
2 Mama Bags
1 cut but unassembled
1 Silent Auction Donation
Oh, snap!!
Plus I'll be delivering a Baby Gift Set for twins at the show.

I'll keep you posted! And speaking of posted, I will draw the winner of the Felt Ornament giveaway tonight and let you know ASAP!

PS If you are in the central Ohio area and interested in coming to Pattyfair, a kick-ass indie craft show that benefits the Dain Yoder and Ray Cuevas Soccer Tournament for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, let me know!


My Happy Turtle said...

Love your package from Australia! What a beautiful quilt! You're making great progress for Pattyfair. I'll have to show you my nasty hand wound -- courtesy of a dull rotary cutter -- this Saturday. The hazards of late-night crafting with a glass of red wine in you. ;)

Jane's Designs said...

What a lovely quilt. How thoughtful, I just love nice people.

Boy have you been busy. I think we both will deserve a long winters nap after our shows this weekend. Good luck.

Louise said...

Yay you got it!!!! I'm so pleased you like it. I was upset that you didn't get your quilt and I was also upset that the same person didn't thank me for the quilt I sent her. I wish she had just let Margaret know she couldn't do it and you and I could have been partners in the first place. It has made me feel much better about the swap to be able to do this for you. I love swapping and have made some amazing friends both local and international so it was really important for me to let you experience the good side of swapping. Enjoy your quilt Beth and good luck with the fair - your work looks fantastic.

jessica said...

what a great little quilt! Good luck with your to do list!

Bonny said...

What a great package! I'm happy for you! Good luck on your projects...I think I have a list just as long...and zero time, argh!

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