I. Can't. Stop...

...making these ornaments! Here's another one, this time two leaves sewn together with "holly berry" buttons from grandma's stash.

So you have until Wednesday at 3:00pm (EST) to comment on ANY POST on my blog for a chance to win all the supplies to make a couple of these fun ornaments. The tutorial will be posted later today.

Sometime yesterday while sitting around making all those ornaments I realized that Pattyfair is less than a week away. My plan is to make 5 baby sets (Baby's Best Friend blanket, diaper and wipes pouch, and two burp cloths); 10 individual diaper and wipes pouches; 4 Christmas-theme blankets; two Mama bags; and something non-baby for the silent auction. HHMMMM....can I do it? So far I have 4 Baby's Best Friend blankets done, I finished two last night. Here are the newest:

As soon as I got the camera Jaxon started posing. He absolutely refused to let me take a picture without him. And, yes, he IS the boss.

One of these is very girly, with a flannel of aqua and pink dresses. I embroidered a bow with the word "Sweet" over it for the center square (does everyone else think of Hollywood Squares when they see "center square"??). The other has my favorite flannel -- 50s looking cars and campers. I embroidered a VW bug with a cartop carrier (pulled from the flannel) on that center square.

So I am hoping there will be A LOT more to show over the next few days.

And finally, are you looking for a way to get rid of all those turkey leftovers? I made this recipe for White Lasagna and used turkey instead of chicken (other modifications: no onion, half the mozzarella, and spinach only on half per Charlie's request).

Now, I do realize this has got to be full of fat, but you can make your modifications as well (I would also suggest mixing the ricotta and spinach in with the cheese sauce you make to facilitate putting it all together). I was just glad to see Jaxon eating turkey AND spinach, two things he has refused in the past.


FerJeniB said...

B- I can't wait for my baby Jaxon fix! He is too cute...Good luck with the sewing. I am starting the quilt squares this week. I hope that it goes easy. Love Jen

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