Deny Deny Deny

When someone asks you if you can sew your response should be an emphatic "No!" A woman I work with asked me that very question a few weeks ago. Her mother-in-law has reduced feeling in her hands and often burns herself on the handles of her pots and pans. She bought covers but they slip off too easily.

"That will be easy, right? You just have to sew a pocket?" Right.

The whole time I was finishing these up this week, I kept thinking, "I'm making something for someone else's mother-in-law and I haven't finished something for MY mother-in-law!"


Progress was made, though. Warning -- some bad flash photography ahead. Colors are not as they appear in real life!

The pot and pan handle covers:

I bound the bottom in ribbon and added a tab with velcro so she can tighten them as needed.

The three remaining bags for Jaxon's teachers (you can see bag #4 in the previous post):

From left to right: crayon drawings with red corduroy, flames with black twill, my favorite "bubbles" fabric with tan linen

And last night I finished this gift:

This is a pattern from Lotta Jansdotter's book "Simple Sewing." This went together a lot faster than the book said it would until I got to the top stitching. Apparently my machine didn't like all that denim. My last heavy duty needle broke trying to go over the front pocket. If I make this again (and I want one just like this one) I would leave the turning hole in the bottom of the lining and avoid the topstitching all together. Otherwise I love it. My variations include longer and wider handles and lining the pockets with my bright fabric. I hope the recipient likes it!

I have two more bags, a pillow for Jaxon to take to school and our stockings (WHAT?!?!) left to make. Before Monday. And clean the house before our guests arrive. SHEW!

Finally, look at this score! A co-worker just came back from Hawaii, and promised me some fabric for helping her with a project. She was much too generous! My favorite is the kid print -- wood paneled station wagons with monster truck wheels! So cute!


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