...or not quite recovered!

So I thought things were getting better after Jaxon's run in with a stomach bug, but I was wrong...Charlie and I BOTH got it. And poor Charlie had to suffer through on his birthday!

It seems we have all made it over the worst of it, but now I am a bit behind on my holiday preparations. I'm trying to stay in the "oh, well" mindset and not stress too much, but there is a lot I would like to get done, including Christmas cards and some baking along with my sewing projects. We'll see.

Here is what I have completed since I last posted:

The patchwork scarf is complete. It looks really good with my coat, too bad it isn't for me!

This bag (I haven't finished the lining) was meant for my grandma but it is much too big. I think I need to go back to the drawing board.

This is one of four bags I need to make for Jaxon's teachers. I know, what am I thinking?!?! Three to go, and I need to have them done by Wednesday. I do like the cowboys with the denim.

And while I was sick I went a little crazy with the furry trees. They are just so cute!

And this is what it looks like out our front windows today. Unfortunately it's not going to stay like this. It is supposed to warm up just enough for it to rain, and then freeze. *sigh*

And finally I leave you with some snapshots of Jaxon for possible Christmas cards (I know, I need to decide soon!!).


Louise said...

So sorry to hear you have all been sick. I had gastro a the week before Christmas last year and it was really awful. You have been quite productive considering. I love the scarf and will hopefully get one done for my Mum. I also love the denim bag - very cool. Good luck with everything else - I will be at my sewing machine until the last minute too!

Anonymous said...

I love the colour combination of the furry trees - the lime green with a deep red. I might make a quilt with those colours!

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