Pattyfair was a week ago and I finally feel recovered. Not just because of the fair, but because of all the things I needed to catch up on this week.

Pattyfair was a success. I sold over half of my items, and I still have stuff to populate my Etsy store. If I ever get around to it.

Now it is time to ramp up on Christmas gifts. If I don't show the gifts for the people who visit the blog I won't have much to show, so I've decided to show what I am making but not tell who it is for. We'll see how that works out.

I've spent way too much money at JoAnn, and have yet to do anything but wash, iron, and cut. Here's what I started today:

This will be a patchwork scarf. The back is chocolate microsuede.

I needed to finish something to feel good about myself, so I whipped up a couple of these fur trees from the tutorial on Roxycraft.

I bought two styrofoam cones, one about 12", the other about 9". I was able to cover both of these with just one skein of eyelash yarn. I wasn't crazy about the pompom top on Roxy's tree so I just wrapped extra yarn around the top. You're going to be seeing a lot of these around my house.

In other recovery news, Jaxon was suffering from a stomach bug yesterday. It wasn't pretty. Every time he felt sick he wanted me to hold him. I've done quite a bit of laundry in the last 24 hours. He was back to chasing the pets tonight.


Louise said...

Ooh I hope Jaxon is feeling better soon. We just had that with all three - I don't think I have ever done so much washing! I am also thinking of making a scarf for a couple of people - they are really lovely and I love any opportunity to mix a few fabrics together! Love the little trees - I have now seen several in blogland and think I will have to do some with my girls to decorate our hallway table - thanks for the inspiration!

Jane's Designs said...

Good news about your show. I know what you mean about having to recoup. It doea take a few days ti get back in the swing of things. Glad Jaxon is feeling better. Take care and have fun stitching.

Bonny said...

I received the package in the mail yesterday! I'm planning to post about it real soon. Thank you again! It is wonderful!

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