Look what I did:

Look what WE did:

From CNN.com


Anonymous said...

I can't recall the last time I felt this proud to be an American. Seriously, I cried tears of joy last night and felt as happy as I did on my wedding day and when my children were born. Here's to PROGRESS!

Anonymous said...

That yellow black and white is yummy!! you did good! And great news about Obama, Australia watched keenly!

MJ said...

Just popped over from Peppermintpatcher's blog! I'm wondering whether you've taught your little guys "manamana"? My girls know it too!

I, too, am teaching at the U this term and am currently procrastinating instead of marking papers. Sigh. They call me.

Happy weekend ahead!

Malagueta said...

Love the quilting. Love the president even more! I was in Phoenix--of all places--election night, and had to leave a meet and greet to go to my hotel room to weep with joy. Yay!

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