Are we there yet?

It seems like this school year should have been over *weeks* ago, but we are still chugging along. This is the last week of classes, next week is finals week, and then it's grading time. *sigh*

I've been absolutely swamped, but I have stolen a few moments at the sewing machine. It seems the concept of making a large quilt in a week was a silly one (as I am now going on week 3), but I did make progress.

The backing:


Soon to be quilting! Be back soon!


MJ said...

Your quilt is lookin' fine! Good luck with the grading! At least you have a good project on the go when procrastination over grading hits!

~Michelle~ said...

Ooh! That state fabric is really cool! And surrounded by the other yummy fabrics, it looks great!

The WoodLand School said...

This quilt is looking *marvelous*! I love the back, too -- what a perfect surprise!

Judith said...

This one looks so beautifull and that back looks great too.

susan said...

i am trying to be better at checking my friends blogs...glad to see you are getting some sewing time in. this is so pretty. i love the colors you chose. and that pieced back...yum

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