Woot. I did it.

What was I waiting for? Why was I so afraid of free motion quilting?

I finally took the plunge.

Yes, this is the front. But those of you who preferred the sashing, don't despair....

....maybe *this* is the front! I didn't want to purchase any fabric for this project and I didn't have enough to back two quilts...so now I have a "reversible" quilt.

The FMQ wasn't bad at all *except*:
1. I kept reading how fatiguing it is...but it's hard to believe how tired my shoulders were!
2. Logically I understand why this would take so much thread. But I was still shocked that 8 bobbins weren't enough.

The key to the whole hand speed vs. machine speed ratio for me seems to be music. If I got too focused on quilting I would mess up, but if I was bopping around to upbeat music (put Michael Jackson into Pandora, you won't be sorry. MJ, Stevie, Marvin Gaye, Prince, and even Queen and the Beatles!!) I wouldn't get overly stressed about what I was doing. I think margaritas would have a similar effect. I will test this and let you know.

Speaking of messing up, I had one major faux pas.

HMMMM....Where'd that crease come from? I didn't baste well, most of my safety pins are tied up in half done quilts, and I didn't feel like hand basting. I paid for it (plus I think I should try starting in the middle instead of the edge, but I liked hiding the beginning of my quilting in the binding). I'm not pulling all the quilting out to fix this -- I'm leaving it as a badge of honor on my first FMQ quilt! More pictures coming when I finish the binding.

Also, I tried Angry Chicken's Iced Tea concentrate this week and I am in love. Super fast, super easy, and super good! This is one family bag of decaf black tea and two bags of blueberry tea. Yummy! I do a ratio of one glassful of ice, two thirds full of water and topped off with concentrate.

And lastly, I've been thinking about organizing a Christmas in August swap/modified round robin. I love Christmas fabrics, I love scrappy quilts...what could be better than putting them together?!? I thought each participant could make six (or 12?) scrappy Christmas blocks (maybe based on Oh, Fransson's scrappy starling tutorial) and send a block or two to each participant (more planning inserted here). Then we would each end up with 12 Christmas blocks in a variety of different fabrics without having to buy a ton of fabric. Then we would have plenty of time to assemble, quilt, and bind before the holidays! Would anyone be interested?


jacquie said...

congrats, beth...good for you! i'd keep that badge of honor too. it really does take a toll on the back and shoulders...especially those big quilts.

FerJeniB said...

B- I LOVE IT! Please send me some updated photos of little JB. (Beth's readers - I'm his aunt, not some psycho stalker lady) HUgs - J PS. IF I get the craft room cleaned out this week, I'm in for a swap.)

~Michelle~ said...

Nice work on the quilting! And I might be interested in a swap...depending if I have to buy fabric or not...

jessica said...

Great job on your free motion! I bought the foot for my machine to do it, but haven't figured it out yet.

I think I'd be up for a swap - I've always wanted a Christmas quilt and have been wanting to do a quilt block swap.

Debbie said...

I'd be up for a Christmas block swap. I love those blocks and Christmas quilt made like that would be fun! Count me in!

Thimbleanna said...

Yipee! You got your quilt quilted! I hate it when a tuck happens though -- and it happens to me usually at least once per quilt (so I unpick -gah!) -- such a pain! Your quilt looks great!!!

The WoodLand School said...

WOW!!! This quilt looks just wonderful! And I love how it's reversible ... what a fun idea :-)

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