Fabric Gifts

I sent Jacquie a little gift to celebrate our shared love of aluminum Christmas trees, and she awarded me with this:

And I am supposed to list five things I like about Christmas, but I am going to bend the rules and list my five favorite holiday movies:

1. Holiday Inn (Fred Astaire plus firecrackers. 'Nuf said.)
2. White Christmas (I want to own every piece of clothing Rosemary Clooney wore in this film.)
4. Scrooged (Perfect casting...I remember seeing this one in the theater and everyone singing along at the end.)
5. Tie: Die Hard and Lethal Weapon (These are Charlie's favorite "Christmas" movies, and I actually look forward to watching them every year.)

Thank you Jacquie! And this is a good seque, Jacquie sent me a thank you of fabric, so I'll show you some fabric acquisitions from the last few weeks.

Jacquie read that I had used all my sock monkey fabric so she sent me more, along with some prints she thought Jaxon would like (and he does).

I commented on another blogger's super cool atomic ranch fabric and she generously offered to send me some. She wishes to remain anonymous, but I still would like to thank her profusely!

This is a gift to myself. I don't usually buy fabric at Hobby Lobby, but I glanced through before Christmas and found this super cute Alexander Henry print. I've never seen it before and it's not on their Website. I went back and bought more for a project idea I have. Stay tuned in 2009!

And finally, my Christmas gift from my sister was a big box of scraps from Repro Depot. These are a couple different scrap bags of both domestic prints and Japanese imports. I have lots of project ideas in mind!

In the rundown to the new year I still need to share with you a few gifts I made, and my goals for 2009. And prepare for school. *sigh*


Louise said...

You have some pretty fine looking fabrics there. I'm loving the ranches and in pink - superb!! I look forward to seeing what you create.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Love the atomic ranch fabric. What a generous blog friend you have. Well I want the black dress Rosemary Clooney wore when she sang "Love, you didn't do right by me" at the Carousel. Of course I'd need the body to go with it too.

Molly said...

I think you have a knack for finding the funnest fabrics! Thanks for the cute Santa! He arrived just in time - on Christmas Eve!

jacquie said...

now you know i'm dying over that atomic ranch fabric. i can't WAIT to see what you make from it. the other fabrics are pretty lovely too. who knew you could find alexander henry at hobby lobby? great find!

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