A winner and the next giveaway

Giveaway #1 is officially over, about 2.5 hours ago. I had to get Jaxon fed and down for a nap, and then finish the item for giveaway #2!

I had 7 comments on the last post, and I still used the random number generator because I'm lazy like that. And the generator chose:

The last comment made! How's that for random! Lisa from Musings from the Mama Bear is the winner! Lisa, I'll be contacting you for an address.

And onto giveaway #2. Same rules from last time:

One comment gets you one entry. If you post about the giveaway on your blog you get another entry (please let me know in the comments). Entries are allowed until Whatever point on Saturday when I finish the item for giveaway #3! Probably noonish EST.

And here it is:

I've been looking for ways to use up scraps of minky from my baby blankets. I came up with this scarflet? muffler? Whatever it's called it has a patchwork front in orange, chocolate, and blue, a chocolate minky dot back, and a vintage button closure.

And here I am trying to get a good shot:

It even looks cute with a sinus headache, no makeup, and a pink terry hoody!


~Michelle~ said...

Ooh, I would want to win a scarflette! I already have great stockings, so I didn't need to enter #1...but I don't have a great scarflette...or one at all...

FerJeniB said...

Wow. That would certainly keep my neck warm on these chilly WI evenings. Please count me in on this one..Hugs J

PS. Why didn't you wait to have Jax model it?

Shannon said...

Beautiful scarflet as you're calling it. I hope I win! :)

Louise said...

Oooh lovely!! Even if I couldn't wear it for 6 months I would love it!

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