Christmas gifts and a photo shoot

Over the last two days I've made 7 Christmas gifts, and probably only spent a total of 4 hours. Still looking for last minute gifts? I can recommend both of these:

Pencil Rolls

I remembered Kathy's beautiful pencil roll, but wasn't feeling that ambitious. Instead I created a variation on this one from Whip Up.

I made one for a six-year-old girl I don't know. I think six-year-old girls like colored pencils, right? The other is for my sister's foster son who is ten. Can you guess which is for whom?

The orange is Heather Ross dogs, the lining is Joel Dewberry broad stripes and brown solid. The pink is Alexander Henry apples and pears and a generic heart I got at JoAnn.

I wanted the orange to be a bit more masculine so instead of the ribbon closure I used a toggle button from an old sweater and a length of leather cording. Both of the pencil rolls came entirely from my stash except the binding -- I didn't feel like making my own.

This is a fun project to see come together. The pinning of each individual pencil sleeve is a little tedious, but goes quickly. I only wish I would have used a different color thread on the orange. I used chocolate brown and the dogs look like they are in jail!

Fabric Notepad Cover

I LOVE this pattern from Skip to My Lou!

Let me tell you all the reasons why!

1. These make great gifts for men or women and young or old. Who doesn't need a pad of paper with a pen nearby? I made them as teacher gifts (this is the first year Jaxon has had a male teacher in the mix), but it would be great to have one by the phone or at the office, or personalized for your favorite student.

2. This makes for an inexpensive gift! The pattern itself is only $1.99. I had all the supplies (minus new notepads and pens) in my stash. You only need fabric (and of course thread and a sewing machine). The pattern includes instructions for an optional elastic band to keep the notebook closed. I didn't have enough elastic on hand so I skipped it. The notepads were just over $1 each and I bought color coordinating pens for $2.50 for 4.

3. This goes together FAST. No messing with interfacing, the notebook provides the support. My favorite part of making this is when you sew everything together and turn it right-side out, there is no hole to sew up or topstitching necessary! The way it is constructed you simply turn, iron, and put it on the notebook! I did 5 of these while Jaxon napped (not including fabric choice which I always agonize over). Last year I was pulling my hair out making bags for all Jaxon's teachers and assistants. This year I did all the gifts in an afternoon!

4. They look great! I love the contrasting pen pocket, and it's a great way to put a little personality into your office supplies.

I give this one two thumbs up!

So my Christmas sewing list is shortening, but not altogether done. I also need to send Christmas cards (ACK!) but we did a little photo shoot last night to get our picture. Here are some outtakes:

My poor old lady was a good sport, of course we bribed her with a treat.

And don't forget to enter Giveaway #3, which ends tomorrow (Wednesday) at Noon EST.


Thimbleanna said...

Only 4 hours? That's amazing -- they all look great! And cute CUTE pic of Jaxson and the dog!

Abby and Stephanie said...

I just bookmared the site. Love the steno pad cover! I'm thinking next Christmas...

Santa Jaxon and his reindeer take a very cute photo.

JLS said...


Good, these gifts are very interesting for kids. They feel more happy by these kind of gifts.

Lisa said...

Hi! I just found your blog through another crafty blogger (I'd tell you who, but I've already closed the tab and I can't remember who it was...) Anyway, great blog! I made crayon rolls for all my nephews/nieces last Christmas and it was a huge hit. I'm off to check that notebook cover out now.

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