Shiny Christmas

I love a shiny Christmas. And here's proof. We finally put up the tree.

I tried to take a low light picture so you could see the cool color wheel, but I couldn't capture it in all its glory. I need to hang ornaments on it so the spinning is more obvious.

We used to do a fresh cut tree as well, but we haven't since Jaxon was born. I was disappointed we weren't doing one this year, until we started putting out decorations. Jaxon made an attempt to play with EVERYTHING. He loves the tree. He says good morning to it when he wakes up and good night before going to bed. Today he tried to hug it. Many times.

I finished my two practice Christmas quilts and listed them in my Etsy shop. One sold this evening but there is one left. Here they are:

And don't forget, giveaway #1 ends tomorrow at noon when giveaway #2 begins!


mhawley said...

Hi Beth! Your Baby Quilt sets are adorable and Jaxon looks pretty happy on the quilts! Thank you for using my Experience the World with M'Liss Rae Hawley travel fabric!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Oooo I remember the color wheels from my childhood. Are they still made?

Anonymous said...

Lovely shiny satin ribbon around those quilts.

jacquie said...

your tree is spectacular. what is it about these trees that i love so much? mine is even better now thanks to you. my hubby doesn't understand bloggy friends. he looked at me with such a puzzled look when i told him what you had done for us. thanks again!

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